A Critical Approach to Constitutionalism: Bangladesh Perspective

Mirza Farzana Iqbal Chowdhury
Daffodil International University


Constitutionalism is a very significant politico-legal theory related with continuous political and legal processes, Though Bangladesh has passed 42 years of its independence, it’s politico-legal authorities have failed to institutionalize constitutionalism in the context of Bangladesh. First of all I have discussed the conceptual basis of constitutionalism. I have tried to identify  the barriers to institutionalization of constitutionalism in Bangladesh. Then I have suggested some policy measures for overcoming these problems. The main aim of this paper is to find out the real scenario of constitutionalism in Bangladesh and improvement of the situation by various effective means. This paper is based on secondary sources of information like books, e-books, journals-both printed and online, research reports, newspapers etc. Relevant literature has also been collected through internet browsing.

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