A Database Library Management System for the Atomic Energy Centre Library

Dr. Engr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hoque
Natural Sciences
Daffodil Internation University


This is a Library Management Program for the management of the books, journals and other periodicals of the library of the Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka (AECD). One can add books and/or journals, edit (i.e. change) the information of the books/journals, and have different reports of the books and journals. This is a user friendly database management program suitable for the management of any library similar to the one of AECD. The program may be utilized by the other establishments of the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission for the management of their libraries. A readers and/or borrower’s register can also be maintained using this program. Reports on the individual borrower of the books can also be made as well as the complete report of the borrowers.

For details please see the attached file