About Us

This office assists the university in advancing knowledge and learning for the nation and humanity, through quality research and education.

This is done by promoting and developing:

  • A team of competent research personnel at various levels of research activities;
  • Niche areas of research in which the university has the potential to be an international leader;
  • Quality research management based on established policies, promoting good research practices and conducts;
  • Enhanced and integrated access to the most current and comprehensive information and knowledge sources;
  • Continuous availability of research funding through internal and external sources and;
  • Adequate space and up-to-date facilities and support.


  • To promote full and active participation of all university researchers.
  • To administer and coordinate optimally all fully funded and partially funded research.
  • To establish centers of excellence in strategic research areas.
  • To provide consultancy services and excellent collaborative research to the public and private sectors through strategic partnerships.



To be a leading research university that will actively contribute to the society by distributing new knowledge and the enhancement of the quality of life.



This policy covers all processes related to the implementation and management of research, research output, scholarly activities, joint ventures (collaboration), consultation, and commercialization activities at Daffodil International