Analysis of Shortest Path Packet Tracing of Routers

A.K.M Fazlul Haque
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Daffodil International University


In this paper, the shortest path in a packet switched network has been analyzed. A router receives a packet from a network and passes it to another network calculating the shortest path. However, the packets of a network use different routing protocols. A routing protocol is a combination of rules and procedures that lets routers informs each other of changes. It allows routers to share whatever they know about their neighborhood. Routing protocols are used to continuously update the routing tables that are consulted for forwarding and routing. The primary contribution of this paper is a simulation method of displaying the packet traces which finds the shortest path to route the packet through its destination. The simulation has been done by using Packet Tracer 4.01 software that allows us to stop time in our network and examine traffic in detail.