Bio-medical data acquisition and transmission using bluetooth Technology for medical application

A.K.M Fazlul Haque
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Daffodil International University


This paper presents the biological data acquisition and transmission for the remote monitoring of some severe diseases and disorders e.g. Diabetes and Cardiac activity. These types of patients have to need close and continual monitoring in order to prevent further damage. Patient monitoring and the acquired data are transmitted through wireless medium by using BLUETOOTH technology. Bio-signal can be acquired and high frequency noise cancellation also be processed with the help of MATLAB Digital Filter Design Tool (FDA Tool). Data or signal is transmitted to the patients’ mobile continually using BLUETOOTH. Security is the main problem in wireless transmission but it can be solved by using frequency hopping technique which is broadly used in BLUETOOTH technology and moreover, to increase the security level, we can use link level security where the security procedure initiates before the channel established.