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Knowledge management in technological era: A managerial perceptive
Knowledge management plays a crucial role in the technological era. The knowledge and technology have been viewed as vital resources and as the significant wellspring of producing advantage. The term knowledge management is definitive in advanced education researches that state information assignment, reaction and correspondence methodology as a component of the value upgrades. In this way, innovation has a part to diffuse acquaintance and make a connection for sharing inside the management process of technology. The term technology is currently assuming a key part to engage the youthful age far and wide. In this regard, the study has been carried out in various open and private colleges in Bangladesh to collect impression of 150 academician towards managerial practices. The after effect of the investigation demonstrated that all things inside the scale commented that scholarly practices, for example, group motivation, building up groups, correspondence practices and criticism have rehearsed at the organization in the advanced education foundation in Bangladesh.
G.C. Debnath, M. Sahoo, M.I. Hossain
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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology
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