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Efficient route selection in ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing
The protocol diversities of mobile ad hoc have already got hold of the field to a peak of a matured and developed area. Still, the restraint of delay and bandwidth of mobile ad hoc network have kept a little room to draft a routing protocol for the pursuit of providing quality of service. In the paper, we proposed protocol namely Efficient Route Selection in Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing. We select the best path among multiple paths from source to destination using covariance and delay. We consider the delay, link stability and energy to devise a covariance-based metric to discover the most balanced path. We also propose a metric for the selection of a node that acts as a local backup node for the most vulnerable nodes on the selected path. We accomplish our implementation in NS3and it shows the more reliable path and less end to end delay than other counterpart protocols.
Routing protocols, Routing, Delays, Mobile ad hoc networks
Md. Ashraf Uddin ; Arnisha Akther ; Shamima Parvez ; Andrew Stranieri
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20th International Conference of Computer and Information Technology, ICCIT 2017
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