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Highly birefringent TOPAS based single mode photonic crystal fiber with ultra-low material loss for Terahertz applications
In this article, a polarization maintaining single mode photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has been suggested for Terahertz wave propagation. The proposed PCF is circular shape where five layers cladding vicinity encircles the two layers core region. The air holes of the core part are arranged in porous manner and elliptical shape. These types of air holes destroy the structural symmetry of the reported PCF and increase the level of birefringence. Optical properties of the proposed PCF are investigated by utilizing very popular pretending method that introduces as full vectorial finite element method (FEM). Several guiding mechanisms such as effective material loss (EML), birefringence, effective area, V-parameter, and power fraction are calculated by varying distinctive geometrical parameters and effects. The proposed PCF reveals ultra-low EML of 0.053 cm−1 and ultra-high birefringence of 1.34 × 10−02 at f = 1 THz. In addition, effective area and power fraction of the reported PCF are 2.36 × 10−07 m2 and 52% at the same operating frequency.
Effective material loss, Birefringence Power fraction, Effective area, Single mode, PCF, Terahertz waveguides
Bikash KumarPaul, KawsarAhmed
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Optical Fiber Technology
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