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Electroacoustic Waves in a Collision-Free Magnetized Superthermal Bi-Ion Plasma
The electroacoustic waves, particularly ion-acoustic waves (IAWs), and their expansion in the medium of a magnetized collision-free plasma system has been investigated theoretically. The plasma system is assumed to be composed of both positively and negatively charged mobile ion species and kappa-distributed hot electron species. In the nonlinear perturbation regime, the magnetized Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) and magnetized modified KdV (mKdV) equations are derived by using reductive perturbation method. The prime features (i.e., amplitude, phase speed, width, etc.) of the IAWs are studied precisely by analyzing the stationary solitary wave solutions of the magnetized KdV and magnetized mKdV equations, respectively. It occurs that the basic properties of the IAWs are significantly modified in the presence of the excess superthermal hot electrons, obliqueness, the plasma particle number densities, etc. It is also observed that, in case of magnetized KdV solitary waves, both compressive and rarefactive structures are formed, whereas only compressive structures are found for the magnetized mKdV solitary waves. The implication of our results in some space and laboratory plasma situations is concisely discussed.
M. Sarker, M. R. Hossen, M. G. Shah, B. Hosen, A. A. Mamun
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Plasma Physics Reports
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