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Evaluation of personal factors of workers affecting productivity in RMG sector in Bangladesh
The readymade garment sector in Bangladesh is considered the backbone of earning foreign currency that includes a large number of workers and is mostly responsible for the economic growth of the country. Nevertheless, despite the remarkable growth of the RMG sector and its bright projection, impediments need to be overcome as well. Readymade garment industries in Bangladesh are currently facing some challenges to ensure fire safety and better work environment for garment workers. Apart from several technical factors, personal factors of workers, e.g. education, age, training, work experience and motivation, might also have a substantial impact on the increase in productivity to compete in the global export market. Thus, it was vital to observe the impacts personal factors of workers have on the productivity of readymade garment industries. This study enabled an identification of personal factors of workers which aff ect the productivity of readymade garment industries. The factors were examined through some critical analyses, e.g. hypothesis test, factor analysis and fishbone diagram analysis. After the investigation of empirical data, principal factors were identified and highlighted to improve the productivity in these industries.
Mozumder, Sumon; Chakraborty, Samit; Hoque, Md. Saiful
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