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Comparative study on production of bioethanol from banana and yam peel
The aim of the study was to compare the production of bioethanol between banana and yam peel. Banana is one of the most popular tropical fruit consumed worldwide. Banana is a common term embracing a number of species or hybrid in the genus of the Musa of the Musacaea and cultivated mainly for its fruits. Yam is also a tuber crop in the plant genus of the Dioscorea of the Family Discoreacease that form edible tubers. The bioethanol from Banana and Yam peels were hydrolysed with Aspergillusnigerfor 5days, the hydroslates was fermented with Zymomonasmobilis at room temperature of 35oC for 5days. The bioethanol from banana peel produced a reducing sugar of 1.047mg/ml, the concentration obtained was 0.109mg/l, the quantity of the bioethanol was 133.53g/l and the density of the bioethanol was 0.843g/ml and for Yam peel the bioethanol produced a reducing sugar of 1.253mg/ml, the concentration obtained was 0.096mg/l, the quantity of the bioethanol produced was 146.33g/l and the density of the bioethanol was 0.793g/ml, This work reveals that Yam peel produces more bioethanol than banana peel
Banana, Yam, Zymomonas mobilis, Bioethanol
Sirajo Ismail Isah, Muhammad Idris Abbas, Mominur Rahman
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