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Detection of Maize and Peach Leaf diseases using Image Processing
There are thousands of grains and fruits grown on this planet every day. In order to cope with the needs of the people, new farming practices are constantly being invented. In addition, the discovery and use of new technologies, which can easily and quickly detect plant diseases. In this research, we tried to detect the diseases and provided their remedies through the images of the infected leaf of a grain “Corn” along with a fruit “Peach” with the help of computer science by using Artificial Intelligence. Since corn is a very popular crop and food, it is cultivated throughout the world. In particular, the demand and popularity of corn in Bangladesh is a skyscraper. Even though peach is not as much popular as corn in Bangladesh but in recent time it is gaining attraction of people in the fruit market. But due to timely consultation and availability of available technology, maize farmers and the farmers who are interested in cultivating peach professionally, often face the attack of insects and diseases. As soon as the crop gets destroyed, the farmers' dividends also get spoiled which is a huge loss for all. So, this research will predict the diseases of corn leaf as well as peach plant leaf and pass down their remedy soon after the affected leaf's picture is given as an input. In this research we have used image processing, convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm to train our dataset. In the end, our system successfully achieved validation accuracy of over 99.28%. This research is going to help numerous farmers all over the world especially the farmers of our country Bangladesh to increase the production rate of corn and the popularity rate of peach by reducing the attack of insects and diseases in time.
Plant disease detection, Remedy, Deep learning, CNN (Convolutional neural network), Machine learning, computer vision
Md. Helal Sheikh ; Tahmina Tashrif Mim ; Md. Shamim Reza ; AKM Shahariar Azad Rabby, Syed Akhter Hossain
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2019 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2019
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