Effect of Yarn Count on the Dyeing Performance of Reactive Dye in Exhaust Method

Mst. Murshida Khatun
Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University


The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of yarn count on the dyeing performance of reactive dye in exhaust method. To carry out investigation five different count of cotton yarn e.g. 10Ne, 20Ne, 30Ne, 40Ne and 50Ne were taken. After scouring and bleaching each count of yarn are dyed with reactive dye in exhaust process, 60°C isotherm. Different shades for each yarn count were used. After dyeing the reflectance and exhaustion as well as the fixation percentage (the most important criteria) are measured by the Spectrophotometer. Many samples which can be compared with each other i.e. different fixation has been got for different count for the same exhaust method and shade percentage. There is gradual order of these data. This generally reflects the theoretical concept of higher the cotton count, less the color strength & higher the brightness.
For details please see the attached file: