Elemental Analysis of Local Vegetables by Proton Induced Gamma Emission (PIGE) Technique

Dr. Engr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hoque
Natural Sciences
Daffodil Internation University


Proton induced gamma ray emission (PIGE) method has been used to analyze the light elements in some locally produced vegetables such as red leaves, papaya, ask pumpkin leaves, arum greens, bringal, lady’s finger, basil, luffa gourd, bitter gourd, snake gourd, green banana, etc. The samples were collected from the fields and kitchen gardens at Dhakshin Khan area of Uttara model town, Dhaka. The elements that were found to be present in these samples in measurable quantities are B, Na, Mg, Si, P, Cl, K and Sc and none of the samples contained any F. The level of concentrations and sensitivities of the elements present were measured from the PIGE reaction yields. Some samples contained Na and Mg in toxic quantities, and some were found to be deficient in Si and P, only Sc level was found to be optimum. The results of the experiments are discussed in the light of the concentrations in which the elements are present in the locally produced vegetables and the possible hazard they may pose to the health of the general population of the country.

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