Evaluating Content Based Animation through Concept Art

Abu Kalam Shamsuddin
Md. Baharul Islam
Department of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts
Dr. Md. Kabirul Islam
Department of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts


The aspiration to create distinctive belongings and free restriction to one’s imagination helps as a powerful impulsion for development of concept art for animation. Concept art is an appearance of illustration where the focal purpose is to express a visual demonstra tion of a design, thought, or mood for applying in video games, films , animation, or comic books before it is put into the ultimate creation. Concept art is a major element of idea generation, environment creation, background design, retail design, set design, fashion design, and architecture design. Bangladesh is a suitable ground for producing international quality animation products if capacity building can be done. Moreover, previous study found huge possibilities in animation field due to low labor cost. The main objective of this research was to discover the limitations of producing concept art and identify pragmatic solutions to the problems for overall capacity building. We visited most animation studios in Dhaka for collecting data and found that there are lack of skilled concept artists because of knowledge gap among them and lack of facilities in this sector. We have interviewed a good number of studio experts for their opinion to overcome these limitations and identified few solutions to the problems such as conduct workshop for the artists inviting international experts, training for professionals, and update syllabus of the relevant courses taught in educational institutions. More specifically, the concept artists need to have understanding of brainstorming, concept mapping, and aesthetic issue.