Implementing Artificially Intelligent Ghosts to Play MS. Pac-Man Game by Using Neural Network at Social Media Platform

Md. Mahmudul Hasan,
Daffodil International University
Jeet Z.H. Khondker
Daffodil International University

Nowadays social media games such as games in facebook platform is one of the fastest growing and popular industries in the world. The goal of most social games is to entertain the player through the interaction among the players and the non-player characters (NPCs) within their friends or mutual friends. Thus, it is required to develop suitable NPCs that are fun to play against and the area of computational intelligence offers us a variety of techniques to do so. Since its beginning, game playing was a field of research in Artificial Intelligence (Al). In games, Artificial Intelligence (Al) is used to produce the illusion of intelligence in the behavior of NPCs. In the Pac-Man game, the NPCs are the ghosts. This paper illustrates a research design of MS. Pac-Man game by implementing neural networks in the movements of ghosts. Each ghost is given an unique intelligent method for movement to establish the levels of challenges in the Pac-Man game and making the game more interesting and fun to play. In addition, performance of the apps and Application Programming Interface (API) have been examined in facebook platform to check its compatibility and user friendliness.

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