Low Cost and Efficient Collision Detection for Rigid and Deformable Objects

Md. Baharul Islam
Department of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts
Daffodil International University
Dr. Md. Kabirul Islam
Dept. of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts


Objects cannot occupy the same location in 3D space at the same time. Generally all static objects have no possibility of collision between them. Collision Detection (CD) is to detect collision between objects when they are interpenetrating with each other during animation and physical simulation. In animation, CD is very important topics for research to reduce intersection cost of objects. The objective of this paper is to review all collision detection algorithms and propose a technique for efficient collision detection between complex rigid objects. We used geometry as a bounding volume for each object. It performs the intersection test between the bounding volumes first. If the bounding volumes are not intersecting one another, then the two objects are not intersecting. It can speed up the collision detection. This paper will be helpful for researchers who want to work on collision detection in the field of animation, physical simulation, robotics, and game development.

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