Page Architecture: A Research Based Analysis on Graphic Design

Abu Kalam Shamsuddin
Department of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts
Md. Baharul Islam
Dept. of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts
Dr. Md. Kabirul Islam
Department of Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts


Page architecture is the primary concept of layout design. It is the basic part of any kind of page design (magazine, newspaper, brochure, book, catalog, etc.) that helps to arrange and approach treatment of essentials (content) on a page. Page layouts supply a simple and visual demonstration of page architecture to the editor, while the macros are more workable and allow playing with complexity in layout design. Detection of page design and innovative visual experience of beauty has become a most important target for contemporary page design. Although there is an established publishing field in Bangladesh but noticed that many of publications house has not skilled designer for page architecture or layout. For this reason the
design quality of various publications house lost their aesthetic value. We are studied and analyzed different global publishing firms based on the graphic design to carry out research on the page architecture. The minimalism of this page is formed by the spatial interaction that contains the proper page architecture in aesthetic magnitude. The method of our work was to collect data by questionnaires from people who are working in relevant sectors as graphic designer. The core intention of this research is to find weakness of page architecture and develop the publication sector as attractive page layout.