Role of Mass Media in Setting Agenda and Manufacturing Consent: A Study on Wars to Rise of Radical Group (Hefajat-e-Islam) in Bangladesh

Syed Mahfujul Haque Marjan
Journalism and Mass Communication
Daffodil International University
Samia Rahman
Mass Communication and Journalism
University of Dhaka
The current liberalized environment is characterized by information and knowledge. Media is very powerful that plays a significant role in shaping public opinions and beliefs. Manufacturing consent by mass media for its own sake by using selective or propaganda news is a dormant question in present world especially in Bangladesh where massive media boom occurred after post millennium period. Political influence and pressure from the Government, self censorship by journalists due to stress from upper hierarchy are just some of the factors that affects viewer’s perception. Media is now playing a role for a change agent or a mediator of setting agenda. In this paper, the present problems underlying these facts in Bangladesh and the rest of the world are analyzed and compared with the similar case studies as it is essential to know how media shape the public opinion and setting agenda and manufacture consent.
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