Study of Trace Elements in Human Milk using PIXE-PIGE Technique

Dr. Engr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hoque
Natural Sciences
Daffodil Internation University


Trace elements level in 30 human milk samples were determined using proton induced X-ray emission (PIXE) techniques to reveal what types of nutrients are passed from mothers to babies. Wide variation in concentration of different elements was found. Concentrations of K, Ca and Zn were found sufficiently high. Concentrations of K range from 727.5 to 1518.8 with a mean value of 1073.1±256.8 Concentrations of Ca vary from 560.1 to 1172.0 with a mean of788.2±174.1 Concentrations of Zn varies from 12.7 to 79.1 with a mean of39.8 ±19.9 Concentrations ofFe range from 13.2 to 78.8 with a mean of 40.02 ±22.3 Mean value of Sc was found 23.4±5.0 So far the toxic elements like arsenic, lead, etc were not detected in the human milk samples analyzed. Study indicates wide variation of nutritional status of mothers of Bangladesh.

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