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A Comparative study of a Proxy Memory Buffer for Energy Reduction

A. A. Md. Monzur-Ul-Akhir
University of Development Alternative
A.H.M. Saiful Islam,
University of Development Alternative (UODA)
Syed Foysol Islam
University of Development Alternative (UODA)
The most confronting factor in this modern era using a microprocessor is to save power. This paper has been worked on to study the comparison between power consumption and saves among different proposed buffer memory. It has already been proved that using different types of buffer memory at different level in general saves power consumption as different rate. Researchers have established the truth that more than 50% of the total power consumption of a microprocessor controlled devices is consumed by the memory. To enhance the future work and power conservation a brief comparative study have been done and the findings were practical and it is expected that this paper will guide into the track of further improvement for higher efficiency and low power consumption memory buffer.
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