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Project Plan on WebQuest

Tahsina Yasmin
Assistant Professor
Daffodil International University


The following project plan aims at planning a technology-related change to be used in my classroom as part of the “Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web” course which I am currently undertaking with the Department of Linguistics of the University of Oregon. This online course is within the E-Teacher Scholarship Program offered by the university.

The program is designed to enhance the Webskills of the participants within a ten-week time frame with particular emphasis on building the participants’ confidence in practicing the ELT theory, innovative techniques and technological tools. Thus the course requires each participant to plan or implement a project to bring about a change in the classroom or to the relevant course by means of technology during the ten week period apart from carrying out assigned weekly tasks and discussions in Nicenet based on suggested reading materials, and writing posts in individual blog containing weekly reflections.

The following project plan introduces the learners and situation, mentions specific problems in dealing with a certain course, sketches a solution, foretells the students’ response and the possible outcome, and provides a timeline for the execution of the plan and references which worked as the basis of the plan. In the Appendix there is a questionnaire which will be used after the completion of the project to form an evaluation from the learners’ point of view so that further changes or modification can be brought about in future.