Teaching English Grammar in Bangladesh: Status of CLT Method

Antara Basak
Daffodil International University


Bangladeshi students study English grammar as a compulsory subject from the primary to the tertiary level of education. There are some fixed items of grammatical rules to teach students in different education levels as mentioned in the syllabus. Through the NCTB syllabus the topics and themes have been introduced as vehicles for practicing the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The intention of this paper is to show the status of teaching English grammar in Bangladesh and thereby to discover whether there is any effect of communicative method in teaching English grammar in the mentioned context. A few studies have been done to find out the status of grammar in Bangladeshi schools. The main observations from this study are: Teachers use the grammar translation method of teaching and rarely have exposure to communicative approach of teaching. New teaching methods are rarely introduced. Grammatical rules are taught deductively, through direct demonstration in the classroom. There is no contextual interpretation of grammatical rules. And the students memorize the rules of English grammar essential to answer the test items. No interesting communicative practices are done. Moreover awareness regarding teaching and learning English grammar in an effective communicative method is not visible.