The Roles of the World Bank and UNESCO in Primary Education in Bangladesh: A Gender Based Analysis

Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker
Faculty of Science & Information Technology
Daffodil International University
Muhammad Abdus Salam
Faculty of Educational Sciences
University of Oslo


This paper is an initiative to explore the roles of World Bank and UNESCO in primary education in Bangladesh with the observation of gender. The study reveals that both organizations have been contributed to a large extent to improve the status of female education whole over the country especially in poverty-stricken as well as rural areas with their assistances and advices for sound development of female education. It is also revealed that quality and equity based education ensured by their policies and implications through the building collaborative efforts with bilateral donors and other multilateral agencies. It has confirmed through the findings in this research that World Bank emphasizes on poverty reduction strategy for accelerating education whereas UNESCO reflects on professional skill development strategies and sustainable educational policies and planning in order to ensure universal education. Finally, the outcomes of this paper promote for better persuasions of gender based education in Bangladesh.

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