Uprising Terrorism in Bangladesh: A Threat to Internal Security

Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker
Muhammad Abdus Salam


Terrorism affects adversely life and society in any country and similarly it creates threat to the internal security of Bangladesh. The various terrorist activities at different time, particularly afthe17th August, 2005, clearly demonstrate the need to understand this phenomenon of terrorism and to discuss how it creates itself over the issue of internal security of Bangladesh. This also facilitates the use of the study in the wider perspective, because each individual, group and state can be evaluated in the respective context. To make this study user friendly for analysis, the original structure of this paper focuses on terrorism and internal security, findings of the study and recommendations, and a brief examination of the future threat at the end of this work. We have also rationalized the information concerning the trends of terrorism nowadays. The end of the study is designed to encourage the readers to apply their understanding to correct events.

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