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Discovering knowledge from mobile application users for usability improvement: A fuzzy association rule mining approach
The usages of mobile application have increased rapidly in recent days. It is also becoming more popular in recent business applications where multiple users are connected through a mobile application to complete the business circle. In this aspect, the demand of quality mobile application is increasing. Usability is the main quality factor for enhancing the quality of application. For this reason, the usability improvement is getting more priority for this kind of application. So, discovering the experiences of the users can lead to improving the usability of mobile application. For this, we introduce Fuzzy Association Rule algorithm (FAR) based on fuzzy association rule mining to discover the experience from the mobile application's users. To validate our approach, we consider a supply change management system where multiple users are linked through the mobile application. In this paper, we examine twelve usability factors that are extracted from ten usability evaluation models to improve the usability. After conducting our experiment, we get knowledge from the users of the mobile application that can be used for the improvement of usability. We get several experiment outcomes and knowledge that can be implemented in practices.
Usability, Mobile applications, Task analysis, Reliability, Data mining
Md Alamgir Kabir ; Omar A. M. Salem ; Muaan Ur Rehman
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International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Sciences, ICSESS, 2017
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