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Extremely Low Loss of Photonic Crystal Fiber for Terahertz Wave Propagation in Optical Communication Applications
An enormously low loss symmetrical hybrid decagonal porous core spiral photonic crystal fiber (SH-PCF) has been proposed for terahertz (THz) wave guiding. The modal characteristics of the fiber and its mathematical analysis have been numerically completed using a full-vector finite element method (FEM). Simulation results show an ultra-low material loss of 0.0167 cm−1 and large effective area 1.95×106 µm2 which is 91.6 % of bulk absorption material loss at controlling frequency f=1.0 THz with a core porosity 42 %. Additionally, proposed structure establishes the comparatively higher core power fraction maintaining lower scattering loss about 1.8×10−15 dB/cm at the same operating frequency. It promises the aforementioned advantages for efficient THz wave propagation.
photonic crystal fibers; effective material loss; scattering loss; terahertz wave guidance; nonlinear optics
Fahad Ahmed, Subrata Roy, Bikash Kumar Paul, Kawsar Ahmed, Ali Newaz Bahar
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Journal of Optical Communications
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