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BREATHE SAFE: A Smart Garbage Collection System for Dhaka City
Recently, garbage management is the most buzzing word to ensure a healthy environment. The dustbins are placed across an open place which are actually over burden and leads an unhygienic environment as well as spreads different types of unnamed diseases. In the present scenario as the population of Bangladesh is increasing day by day, we should maintain a clean and hygienic environment to avoid this problem. So, we propose a system by which all dustbins are interfaced with microcontroller based system having Ultrasonic sensor for waste level detection and Wi-Fi module to connect to the internet. Realtime status of all dustbins will be shown on an Android application and also shortest direction will be provided on map. Main goal is of this research is to maintain a healthy environment in our city and reduce human sufferings.
Md. Zillur Rahman Siddique, Mohammad Aynul Islam, Fernaz Narin Nur, Nazmun Nessa Moon, Mohd. Saifuzzaman
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10th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
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