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Modeling and comparative analysis of cost effective hybrid AC/DC micro-grid in coastal area of Bangladesh using AVR and LFC system
This paper highlights about the cost effective optimal modeling of hybrid AC/DC micro-grid for the coastal area of Bangladesh, where distributed energy sources like solar PV, wind energy as well as bio-mas energy are available. For the purpose of research Kuakata is chosen, which is one of the attractive tourist spot of Bangladesh. However, despite being a tourist spot, the electricity generation of this place has not yet been any self-reliance. The discussion of this paper not only circumscribed by the modeling of micro-grid, but also shows the detail of optimizing result with sensitivity analysis. This modeling with its optimal analysis is simulated via HOMER software. The micro-grid can operate on both grid connected mode and islanded mode. This paper proposes an off-grid or standalone micro-grid. In off-grid mode, the voltage and frequency does not remain balanced like grid connected mode. Hence, a new seamless control strategy for islanded mode voltage and frequency control is being proposed in this paper. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) can be treated as a good solution for voltage control and load frequency control (LFC) technique can be used for frequency tuning. The control strategies applied in this research are simulated via MATLAB Simulink software.
Generators, Batteries, Voltage control, Production, Load modeling, Simulation, Analytical models
Afsana Hossain Rima ; Rezwan Mohammad Sayeed
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3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology, EICT
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