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National digital forensics framework for Bangladesh
At recent time, cybercrime has increased significantly in the world and also in Bangladesh due to consequence of massive digitalization efforts in every sector. These types of offense require systematic probing in order to be revealed properly at the court of law. This research work proposed a comprehensive digital forensics framework to facilitate forensically ready common standard digital forensics to the investigators. The framework recommended proactive and reactive forensics to enable live and post forensics issues. The purpose of the proposed framework is to allow systematic postmortem of digital forensics. Moreover, it allows further investigations suggested during examination or analysis phase. An expert system is introduced into the framework to improve efficiency through inference engine. This assistive system included digital forensics case database as a history keeper to store all documentations and results of the accomplished forensics examination. The inference engine is expected to generate a priority list from the historical data by a proposed algorithm. In addition, the expert system is expected to guide examiners during forensics. Furthermore, dissemination of forensics outcomes anticipated automatically to the authorized investigators by this system. However, the proposed framework is based on theoretical approach which is expected to be evaluated and implemented using assistive expert system in the future.
Digital forensics, Expert systems, Government, Cloud computing
Mohammad Mahfuzul Haque ; Syed Akther Hossain
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3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology, EICT
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