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Design and analysis of four elements E, H and combined E-H shaped microstrip patch array antenna for wireless applications
In this paper, different shaped patch antenna and their array configurations have been designed and simulated by using advanced designed system (ADS) in order to improve the overall performance of microstrip patch antenna (MP A). FR4 dielectric material is used as substrate which has a dielectric constant of 4.4 and height of the dielectric substrste is 1 mm and loss tangent, tan δ is 0. Antennas are fed thruogh 50 Ω microstrip feed line. Each array consists of corresponding four single elements. Different antenna performance parameters like return loss, bandwidth, directivity, gain & radiation efficiency were analyzed for all the proposed antennas.
Patch antennas, Antenna arrays, Bandwidth, Resonant frequency, Microstrip antennas, Microstrip
L. C. Paul ; M. S. Akhter ; M. A. Haque ; M. R. Islam ; M. F. Islam ; M. M. Rahman
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3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology, EICT
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