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A priority based dynamic resource mapping algorithm for load balancing in cloud
Cloud computing is a rising technology which is responsible for supplying of computing resources on the basis of demand, as and when needed. Cloud provides many facilities due to its vast resources such as sharing resources for different purposes. Cloud computing faces many challenges in respect of performance and efficiency. To increase the cloud computing environment's efficiency, Virtual Machines (VM) has been employed for resource provisioning. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm that performs load distribution of workloads among different VM based on priority. This algorithm is proposed in the aim of load balancing of different nodes by considering maximum throughput with minimum execution time. To achieve that, the VM are sorted according to their processing powers and job requests are assigned to VM based on their instruction numbers and priorities. The proposed algorithm is experimented using CloudSim simulator and the results demonstrated that the performance of the algorithm is better than other conventional algorithms.
Cloud computing, Virtual machining, Heuristic algorithms, Load management, Algorithm design and analysis, Clustering algorithms
Farzana Sadia ; Nusrat Jahan ; Lamisha Rawshan ; Madina Tul Jeba ; Touhid Bhuiyan
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4th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering, ICAEE 2017
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