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Relative direction: Location path providing method for allied intelligent agent
The most widely recognized relative directions are left, right, forward and backward. This paper has presented a computational technique for tracking location by learning relative directions between two intelligent agents, where two agents communicate with each other by radio signal and one intelligent agent helps another intelligent agent to find location. This proposed method represents an alternative approach to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) for the AI (Artificial Intelligence), where no network may not be available. Our research paper has proposed Relative Direction Based Location Tracking (RDBLT) model for understanding how one intelligent agent assists another intelligent agent to find out the location by learning and identifying relative directions. Moreover, three proficient algorithms have been developed for constructing our proposed model.
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Multi-agent system, Relative direction, Magnetic, Navigation, Compass, Radio signal
S. Rayhan Kabir, Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Md Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Syeda Sumbul Hossain, Sheikh Shah Mohammad Motiur Rahman
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Communications in Computer and Information Science
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