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Modeling the Role of C2C Information Quality on Purchase Decision in Facebook
A market which provides an innovative way to allow customers to interact with each other called Customer-to-customer (C2C) market. In C2C communications, online communities play an important role in decision making to buy a product. This investigation develops a research model for online communities of Facebook commerce (F-Commerce) in Bangladesh region, which is based on Information Adoption Model (IAM). This study exhibits a model to influences of C2C communication on Bangladeshi consumers’ purchase decision in the online communities of F-Commerce. The proposed model used the Partial Least Squares (PLS) technique to test 120 effective survey data. This survey data has been taken from the Bangladesh Facebook users and strongly involved in product buy-sell at F-Commerce. The analyzed results show that Argument Quality (AQ), Source Credibility (SC) and Tie Strength (TS) positively influence Purchase Decision (PD) through Product Usefulness Evaluation (PUE). In addition, Tie Strength exhibits difference effect on Product Usefulness Evaluation between the contexts of consumers communicating with virtual consumers relationships. Theoretical and executive implications are discussed for constructing our proposed model.
Social media, Facebook commerce, Consumer to consumer (C2C)
Rafita Haque, Imran Mahmud, Md. Hasan Sharif, S. Rayhan Kabir, Arpita Chowdhury, Farzana Akter, Amatul Bushra Akhi
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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