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Solitary Potential in a Space Plasma Containing Dynamical Heavy Ions and Bi-Kappa Distributed Electrons of Two Distinct Temperatures
The heavy ion-acoustic solitary waves (HIASWs) in a magnetized, collisionless, space plasma system (containing dynamical heavy ions and bi-kappa distributed electrons of two distinct temperatures) have been theoretically investigated. The Korteweg-de Vries (K-dV), modified K-dV (MK-dV), and higher-order MK-dV (HMK-dV) equations are derived by employing the reductive perturbation method. The basic features of HIASWs (viz. speed, polarity, amplitude, width, etc.) are found to be significantly modified by the effects of number density and temperature of different plasma species, and external magnetic field (obliqueness). The K-dV and HM-KdV equations give rise to both compressive and rarefactive solitary structures, whereas the MK-dV equation supports only the compressive solitary structures. The implication of our results in some space and laboratory plasma situations are briefly discussed.
M. Sarker, B. Hosen, M. R. Hossen and A. A. Mamun
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Communications in Theoretical Physics
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