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PRMT: Predicting Risk Factor of Obesity among Middle-Aged People Using Data Mining Techniques
Obesity is an anatomical condition characterized by an extreme growth of body fat. The obesity rate is increasing gradually; from prior research, obesity is the serious health disease in the globe. This study collected 259 data from specified urban and rural areas regarding different risk factor of our daily activities. The purpose of the study is to simulate the risk factor by using statistical tools (SPSS), which helpsto predict the major risk factor of obesity by testing the class level attribute according to cross-sectional study with other attributes. By analyzing the P-value (p<0.05), the outcome of this process Age (0.002), Height (0.002), Weight 0.000), Healthy lifestyle (0.000), Marital status (0.001), BMI (0.000), Economic (0.028), Sleep per day (0.011) has a significant relationship with our obesity class. This study proposed a risk mining technique (PRMT)that foretells a model to analyze the risk factor of obesity class using different data mining classifiers, using WEKA to estimate the accuracy and error measurement. The outcome of this process Naïve Bayes is the best classifier for the 10-fold cross-validation study. The proposed model collaborates to predict human factor who want to control and mitigate this major cardiovascular disease.
obesity, riskmining, datamining, cardiovascular disease, classification
RifatHossain, S.M. Hasan Mahmud, Md Altab Hossin, Sheak Rashed Haider Noori, Hosney Jahan
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Procedia Computer Science
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