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Machine vision based papaya disease recognition
Over the years little research has been performed for vision-based papaya disease recognition system in order to help distant farmers, most of whom require proper support for cultivation. Due to advancement of vision-based technology we find a good solution to this problem. Papaya disease recognition mainly involves two challenging problems: one is disease detection and another is disease classification. Considering this scenario, here we present an online machine vision-based agro-medical expert system that processes an image captured through mobile or handheld device and determines the diseases in order to help distant farmers to address the problem. Some experiments are performed to show the utility of the proposed expert system. First, we propose a set of features from the view point of distinguishing attributes. K-means clustering algorithm is used in order to segment out the disease-attacked region from the captured image and then required features are extracted to classify the diseases with the help of support vector machine. More than 90% classification accuracy has been achieved, which appears to be good as well as promising by comparing performances obtained with recently reported relevant works.
Papaya disease, Agro-medical expert system, Machine vision, k-means clustering, Support vector machine
Md. Tarek Habib, Anup Majumder, A.Z.M.Jakari, Morium Akter, Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Farruk Ahmed
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Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences
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