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Manifesting a mobile application on safety which ascertains women salus in Bangladesh
This paper reflects on the indemnity of women in our society. The proposed model ensures the embodiment of a mobile application. The algorithm, we developed for this model focuses the safety issues which is applicable to both inside as well as outside of the house for the women in Bangladesh. The solution of this problems can be done through some interrelated features such as i) SOS button pressing which ensures automatic calling, instant location tracking system through GPS of the phone and sending tracked location to all trusted numbers, automatically secrete video recording system ii) voice command detection which assures exact same features as SOS button pressing iii) phone shaking features serve user instant immunity by calling a trusted number. This research also assures experimented data analysis at Dhaka city based on respond time, the time it takes to arrive the SMS and Phone call and current location of the victim. Also do a short comparison among the most popular safety related mobile applications.
GPS, Mobile application, Safety, SOS button, Voice command
Elias Hossainn, Wahidur Rahman, Tarequl Islam, Selim Hossain
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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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