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3D study of heat transfer based on PVT/PCM system
Electrical power as well as thermal energy are converted from solar radiation in a photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system. At a fixed temperature, thermal energy is absorbed by phase change materials (PCM) in terms of latent heat. PCM has storage ability of latent heat. The heat is stored in PVT/PCM system and used latterly as an ultimate application. For PVT/PCM system heat removal procedure is concurrent due to the dependence of its charging and discharging on ambient. In this research, a 3D mathematical model of PVT/PCM system has been solved numerically using finite element method. Results have been shown in terms of surface temperature and streamline pattern of PVT/PCM system with time variation. The values of average temperature of solar cell, electrical power, heat energy, electrical-thermal efficiency and overall efficiency have been found. It is observed that using PCM in the PVT module the temperature of solar cell reduces and consequently the output power and efficiency enhance.
M. Ashikuzzaman, R. Nasrin, F. T. Zohora, and M. Saddam Hossain
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AIP Conference Proceedings
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