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A Proposed Algorithm and Architecture for Automated Meeting Scheduling and Document Management
Meeting is an important part of our professional life to share and discuss issues based on multiple confidential documents. There are different types of approaches, methods and techniques that are used in organizations for meeting management to track these meetings and store all the meeting files accordingly. In this research work, a new idea of meeting scheduling system is proposed. The objective of this work is to propose two simple algorithms that will detect the conflict of time among the attendees of the meeting and automatically schedule a meeting by using the necessary information. The algorithm is tested in web-based technology. The system is designed to be a secure system to preserve all the documents related to the meeting. In the proposed system, firstly, a meeting list is maintained in a sorted way which helps to schedule meetings without conflict of time. In case of conflict of time, the system proposes available time automatically. Secondly, the option to upload files of the meetings is provided with the security of the files through encoding and decoding. The system is tested with satisfaction and implemented in the university for the use.
Scheduling , Schedules, Databases, Software algorithms, Automation,Software, Processor scheduling
Tasbiraha Athaya ; Sirajum Munira ; Afsana Zaman ; Syed Akhter Hossain
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21st International Conference of Computer and Information Technology, 2018
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