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Heavy metal toxicity from the leather industry in Bangladesh: a case study of human exposure in Dhaka industrial area
Activities in the Bangladeshi leather industries have the potential to cause chemical pollutions thereby deteriorating the working environments, the surrounding residential areas, or even foodstuffs. Therefore, it is important to determine the chemical exposures among the industry workers and residents of the surrounding areas who may be directly or indirectly impacted by the contaminated environment. This study focused on evaluating the hazard arising from exposure to metals due to industrial contamination. Tissue samples of hair and nails were collected from both the leather industry workers and residents in the vicinity of the industries. Using chromium as an indicator of contamination/exposure from the leather industry, it was the most significant metal contaminant for industry workers ranging from 21.85 to 483 mg/kg and for industry-neighboring residents at 6.01 to 296.16 mg/kg. Both the workers and neighboring residents were found to be excessively exposed (P < 0.05) to chromium compared with the investigated control group of people living in a distant village area which had no industrial establishments.
Chemical exposures, Leather industries, Workers and residents, Chromium (Cr)
Md. Mahamudul Hasan, Shahadat Hosain, Pinku Poddar, ABM Alauddin Chowdhury, Estiner W. Katengeza, Uttam Kumar Roy
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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
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