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Phytochemical investigation and comparative anthelmintic activity of between methanol and acetone extract of limonia acidissima l (Fruit peel)
Limonia acidissimaL. is the gathering of Rutaceae(Citrus family) which has a spot with the monotypic assortment Limonia, limited to Southeast Asia. It is locally familiar as kath bel. It is used widely as a folk medicine for several severe diseases such as heartburn, fart, loose bowels, diarrhea and hemorrhoids. For anthelmintic activity, methanolic and acetonic fruit peels extracts of Limonia acidissimaL. was investigated for their action against Paramphistomum cervi. Different doses of each extract were examined in the bioassay, which included assurance of time of paralysis and time of death of the worms. The reference standard albendazole showed paralysis time 13.4 minutes and death time 18.4 minutes. On the other hand, methanolic and acetonic extracts showed at doses 150 mg/ml significant effect which has paralysis time 19.6 and 24.4 minutes, death time 21.6 and 26.6 minutes; respectively.
Limonia acidissima, Fruit peels, Anthelmintic activity, Albendazole,Paramphistomum cervi
Fahadul Islam, A.K. Azad, Md. Faysal, Saiful Islam, Nusrat Jahan Sugandha, Susmita Saha, Sirajo Ismail Isah
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