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Daily exposure assessment of as, ni, hg, al and mn in anti diabetic herbal preparations (ADHPs)
With the prevalence of heterogeneous disorder diabetes, mass sought for the ailment of the disease was expected and forced people to move for comparative low cost, available and safe cure. And it makes herbal preparations predominant in comparison with its allopathic counterparts in a country where a significant amount of people lives below poverty line. From the very beginning, the safety of herbal preparations was not studied and thus left uninvestigated and putting public life under threat. Therefore, present study was to investigate the metal toxicity in eighteen anti diabetic herbal preparations (ADHPs) availablein Bangladesh in terms of their toxicity as presence of toxic element pose a great threat to human health and thus put the drug safety in danger zone. In our investigation, trend of metal concentration was identified in the order of Hg < Ni, As < Mn < Al.No heavy metal under investigation (As and Hg) crossed the permissible safety limit in all regulatory body permissible standards. Additionally, heavy metals (As and Hg) were found safe under US FDA standard of permitted daily exposure (PDE) and Canada’s National Health Product and California Proposition. Chronic accumulation of elemental impurities is likely due to prolonged intake or overdose of these ADHPs, which poses severe hazardous effects upon human health.
Elemental impurities, heavy metals, PDE and ADHPs
Rausan Zamir, Nazmul Islam, M. Anisur Rahman, and M. Safiur Rahman
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