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A steganographic apps-based patient's information encryption-decryption
A steganographic apps-based patient’s information communication system has been designed, developed and implemented in Java programming language that can hide patient confidential data in an image. The Playfair cipher encryption-decryption technique with a set of keywords has been used in this transaction system. For this, the patient’s information is first encrypted with the Playfair encryption technique and produces the cipher text that are embedded with an image in a hidden format and then the image is sent to the destination. In the receiving end, the encrypted hidden information is extracted and retrieve theinformation by using the reverse process. The process has been applied on several patient’s information and steganographic images and found the results successfully. This proposed steganographic process is a higher layer of security methods in the communications and can be applied where high security is needed.
Steganography, Playfair Cipher, Image Steganography,Secret Communication
Shomitro Kumar Ghosh, Md. Toheen Bhuiyan, Md. Ismail Jabiullah
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International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
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