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AcneNet - A deep CNN based classification approach for acne classes
Skin diseases are very common and nowadays easy to get remedy from. But, sometimes properly diagnosing these diseases can be quite troublesome due to the stiff hard-to-discriminate nature of the symptoms they exhibit. Deep Neural Networks, since its recent advent, has started outperforming different algorithms in almost every sectors. One of the problem domains, where Deep Neural Networks are really thriving today, is Image Classification and Object and Pattern Discovery from images. A special type of Deep Neural Network is Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), which are being extensively used for different sorts of computer vision and image classification related problems. Hence, we have proposed a novel approach, where we have developed and used a Deep Residual Neural Network model for classifying five classes of Acnes from images. Our model has achieved an approximate accuracy as much as 99.44% for one class, and the rest were also above 94% with fairly high precision and recall score.
Neural networks, Training, Skin, Computational modeling, Data models, Convolution, Diseases
Masum Shah Junayed, Afsana Ahsan Jeny, Syeda Tanjila Atik, Nafis Neehal, Asif Karim, Sami Azam, Bharanidharan Shanmugam
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Proceedings of 2019 International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Systems, ICTS 2019
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