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Single polarization photonic crystal fiber filter based on surface plasmon resonance
In this paper, we propose a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) polarization filter based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) characteristics. Gold nanowire is used as the active plasmonic material. Light into silica core becomes coupled to gold nanowire stimulating SPR. It splits light into two orthogonal (x-polarization and y-polarization) polarization in the second order of surface plasmon polarization. Numerical investigations of the proposed PCF filter is finite element method (FEM). By tuning the diameter of gold nanowire and shifting their position, the performance of the proposed PCF filter is inspected rigorously. Filtering of any polarization can be obtained by properly placing the metal wires. The maximum confinement loss of x-polarization is 692.25 dB/cm and y-polarization is 1.13 dB/cm offers at resonance position 1.42 μm. Such a confinement loss difference between two orthogonal polarizations makes PCF a talented candidate to filter devices. Consequently, the recommended PCF structure is useful for polarization device.
photonic crystal fiber (PCF), surface plasmonresonance (SPR), perfectly match layer, polarization filter
Md. Nazmul Hossen, Md. FerdousKawsar Ahmed, Md. Abdul Khalek, Sujan Chakma, Bikash Kumar Paul
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Frontiers of Optoelectronics
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