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Refractive Index-Based Blood Components Sensing in Terahertz Spectrum
In this paper, a novel partial type-b crystalline core with more compact cladding in hexagonal packing photonic crystal fiber (CC-PCF)-based optical sensor has been proposed for sensing different blood components. This fiber has investigated in terahertz (THz) region from 1.5 to 3.50 THz, intending to superior relative sensitivity with low confinement loss (CL). Circular air holes have been employed in the formation of the partial type-b crystalline core in a symmetric manner. A significant relative sensitivity response of 80.93%, 80.56%, 80.13%, 79.91%, and 79.39% are achieved for the targeted analytes such as RBCs, hemoglobin, WBCs, plasma, and water at frequencyf = 1.5 THz. In X-polarization mode, a negligible CL of 1.23 × 10 -11 dB/m, 8.63 × 10 -12 dB/m, 4.93 × 10 -12 dB/m, 2.93 × 10 -12 dB/m, and 1.13 × 10 -12 dB/m are also gained, respectively, for same analytes and at same THz frequency. Moreover, effective area (A eff ), V-Parameter (V eff ), dispersion (β 2 ), spot size (W eff ), and beam divergence (θ) have been determined over the investigated region. The improved outcomes are anticipated that the proposed CC-PCF sensor will be opened a new epoch in biomedical sensing purposes.
Optical sensors, Sensitivity, Blood, Biomedical optical imaging, Refractive index, Plasmas
Kawsar Ahmed, Fahad Ahmed, Subrata Roy, Bikash Kumar Paul, Mst. Nargis Aktar, Dhasarathan Vigneswaran, Md. Saiful Islam
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IEEE Sensors Journal
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