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Antidiarrheal activity of a mysterious herb, gynura procumbense in albino swiss mice
In order to evaluate the activity of extracts on a castor oil-induced diarrhea model, three groups of rats (3 animals per group) were injected with ethanolic extracts of Gynura Procumbens (300 and 600mg / kg body weight) Orally in albino swiss mice. The other two groups received normal saline (3 mg / kg body weight) and loperamide (3 mg / kg body weight) as a positive control. The effect of the extract on intestinal passage and castor oil-induced intestinal fluid accumulation (intestinal reservoir) was evaluated. A significant and dose-dependent antidiarrheal activity was showed by the plant extract at oral doses of 300mg/kg and 600mg/kg body weight. The protective role of the extract at 600 mg / kg was comparable to that of loperamide (3 mg / kg) standard. No mortality and signs of visible weakness were observed in rats following administration of extracts at doses up to 1000 mg / kg. Our results showed that the extract of Gynura procumbens had significant antidiarrhoeic activity supporting its use in traditional herbal medicine practice
Antidiarrheal activity, Castor oil, Gynura procumbens, mortality, albino swiss mice etc
Shaheen SM, Rashid Harun-Or, Ferdous W.
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