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Diagnosis of heart diseases and its treatment approach in urban areas of Bangladesh
Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) creates a new havoc globally. Bangladesh has been facing adual burden of existing infectious diseases and escalating rise of NCDs like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, etc. For getting preparedfor the challenge of these diseases, information regarding their distribution and determinants is indispensable. This research was aimed to find out the scenario of heart diseases and its treatment approach in urban areas (N=212) of Bangladesh. The study is an exploratory research which was initiated to explore the issues which are necessary for the study using both primary and secondary data. A total of 212 heart disease patients ofdifferent hospitals and diagnostic centers across the Dhaka city were selected using a non-probability sampling technique. The primary data has been collected from original sources by the doctors and patients through hospital. The secondary sources of data consist of all published and reported materials including books, journals, articles etc. All the collected data were analyzed using MS excel version 10. Most of the respondents (28.8%) were in the age group 50-59 years and the majority of the respondentsin this group were male. On the other hand, people aged 40 years and above are in most vulnerable condition in case of both male and female.Cardiovascular disease affects low and middle-income countries even more than high-income countries. Simple lifestyle changes can help to reduce the risk for heart disease and consulting a doctor for guidance.
Heart disease, cardio vascular disease, non-communicable disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease
Nahian Fyrose Fahim; Afsana Mimi; Mominur Rahman; Fouzia Akter; Sirajo Ismail Isah
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