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Modelling and Optimization of Hybrid Power System at Coastal Area
As a developing country, Bangladesh is badly in need to get their power distribution to all sections of people. However, the amount of fossil fuel is decreasing gradually and in near future, it will be a burning question that how it could be possible to generate energy without this fuel. On the other hand, energy generation through fossil fuel is much more costly and environmentally harmful for such type of situation. In this study, we choose the most renowned heritage place in Bangladesh named Saint Martin Island. In this island, people are isolated from the main land of Bangladesh and also from the energy sector. It is literally impossible to get connected with national grid because of inconvenient placement of Saint Martin. Two renewable sources have been considered for this study- PV and Wind. For study and design the model HOMER software has been used. This hybrid power system solution can provide least cost and no harmful element for the environment. Resulted COE ($0.227/kWh) has been found through this system. Also on the basis of results, it has been proved that renewable energy perhaps replaces the conventional energy and would be a feasible solution for the generation of electric power at remote locations with a reasonable investment.
Generators, Production, Optimization, Renewable energy sources, Load modeling, Hybrid power systems, Power grids
Morsalin Bin Mosharof Fardun, Kazi Shaidul Islam Sunny, Md. Dara Abdus Satter
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2nd International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering, ECCE 2019
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